we live in a society that is structured in a way that does not leave space for vulnerability, softness intuitive creativity & sensitivity.

the wisdom that our cells and our bodies hold are infinite -

 if we can allow ourselves to feel safe & listen.

safety is one of the key elements in my work as a facilitator, teacher and spaceholder. in a world where we have forgotten to listen to our deepest needs, our boundaries and our ability to self sooth I have made safety whithin and around a key element of my work. with tools from the nervous system work, breathwork, yoga and ancient traditions I invite you to listen, hear and be heard.

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Johanna Huettmann yoga, breathwork & coaching is about re-connecting to yourself through movement, expression, inner work meditation, deep breaths & joy. understanding what nurtures your heart and soul.

it is about accepting & loving yourself wherever you are at.

it is about having the courage to step up, be real and be YOU.

it is about moving through life in a healthy and loving way, from a place of safety and understanding within.

it is about letting go when you are ready..

it is a place of healing and surrender.

i am a life discoverer, traveler (20 countries and counting), experience enjoyer and space holder.

i love to dive into the ocean on a cold winters day, make people laugh, learn and teach from a compassionate place within.

i am a multi passionate creative, a healthy food lover and in constant awe with nature & sunsets.

my passion is to give people the experience of a safe space in which they feel held, welcomed, seen and loved.

about 10 years ago I started my journey into yoga & meditation and have since then completed different trainings around the world with yogis, teachers, medicine People, doctors and trainers. i changed my life from feeling unloved and lost to thriving and living the life of my dreams. today I help students & clients feel comfortable within their own body and guide them through 1:1 sessions or group yoga & breathwork classes in a way that makes them both feel grounded and liberated.

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let freedom be your teacher