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can you feel yourself right now?

i believe that our body holds all the answers. working with ourselves means re-establishing a relationship with our body. 

where do i start? where do i end? what is my personal space? what feels good? what feels safe?

when we start feeling ourself again, we can become more in tune with life, can learn to set boundaries and express our needs. my work includes embodied somatic work, tuning into our sensitivity, breathwork, inner constellations, mind-fullness & bodywork.

  • do you feel disconnected from your body?
  • are you looking for support?
  • are you struggling with feeling yourself?
  • do you feel safe in your body?
  • are you ready to try something new?

then this is my offering to you:

i will hold space for you to be safe, seen and grow.

 i guide from my own experience. i bring what i have experienced myself to the table. i know what it feels like to be unsafe. i know what anxiety, fear and depression taste like and i have learned to hold space for all of me.


through understanding & working with my body

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are you ready to take the leap?