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i believe that yoga is for everyone. no matter what level you have or what condition your body is in. yoga is inclusive and holds benefits for all of us. i teach my classes holistically including mantra, pranayama and bodywork. my classes are built around the chakra system and are aimed to bring more health, detoxification, relaxation and understanding to the body. I create safe spaces for beginners and more advanced Yogis.

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interested in private yoga ?

do you feel like your questions are just not met during a group class?

like you want support in creating your own routine to get your juices flowing every day?

would you like a yoga sequence designed to calm, reset and restart?

get in touch to book yourself in for a yoga & breathwork mentorship.
lets create Practice that is as unique as your personality!

...In the beginning I was a bit anti the zoom experience...

but I honestly think that is my inner "no" making an excuse. It has been a really good experience for me to create a routine with myself in my own home - even through Zoom. Johannas classes feel like an intimate space in which I can show up as myself. Her encouraging voice helps me find my way into Asanas that make me feel safe.

- Jenny, London