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the art of surrender

seen, being held, breathing

wataflow is a dance, movement, massage, meditation and healing therapy. whithin a wataflow session your body is floated in warm water, allowing your body to fully surrender to sensations, breath and the ease of release. we are created from the depths of our parents waters, flowing and moving together to re-create a new one. inside the wombs of our mothers we gently move in warm waters, being sheltered and protected by what is inside of us and surrounding us. in this stage of our life all we know is water. what if we could re-member this experience and use it to heal, soften and strengthen our body, mind and soul? over half of our bodies mass is made up of water. water is within us, water moves us.

nervous system regulation, bodywork & breathwork

when we re-enter the water and are being held and seen in the intimate experience of a wataflow session we allow our systems to slowly relax. the gentle sway of a wataflow session allows our nervous system to enter a state of pure relaxation which helps to reduce stress and muscle tension. wataflow is weightless and the movements are gentle, opening and trance like. while our body is being moved above and below water by the therapist, our mind can relax.

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but how does this work?

like water we are able to change and shift and adapt. a wataflow session is an in-depth experience. in the beginning of a wataflow session you will be welcomed into a safe space in which you are able to ask any questions and voice any doubts. you will then be fitted with floaters around your legs to support your body inside the water. next you will be offered a nose clip that you can place on your nose when the session begins to ensure that your session will proceed undisturbed by water coming in through your nose. before entering the water you will be guided into some breathing exercises that will help you ease into the session.

but wont i drown?

our bodies have the innate capacity like dolphins or other sea mammals to re-distribute the oxygen supply inside of our bodies. the less we breathe, the more our body focusses on supplying the main, life supporting organs. during a session you will never forcefully be kept under water or asked to hold your breath for more than 12-20 seconds. wataflow is always natural, gradulal and tailor made to the client. you are welcomed to explore who you can be when you are fully seen.

who is this for?

wataflow is for the curious and open minded. it is for everyone who is willing to re-enter the flow of life. wataflow can be healing to our joints and muscular system as well as support us in overcoming mental dis-ease like depression, anxiety or ptsd. as your body and spine are being moved in gentle and healing ways, physical and muscular pains and tensions can be shifted and your body can return to a more soft and rejuvenated state.